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Case Study - Primary School Student - Maths & English Tuition


For each case study, I emailed out a series of questions. The parent's response is below each question. In most cases, parents understandably wanted their anonymity maintaining. Finally, for the most part, answers are from busy mums replying on their phones during a lunch break! So please be forgiving if their replies appear abrupt. They receive nothing in return for doing this and are giving up their precious time completely of their own accord. Geoff :)

The student was a Year 6 boy - tutored in Maths & English from September through to SATS in May. Mum was a school governor and also coping with a sibling with moderate to severe special needs.

1. What challenges was your child experiencing before beginning to use our services?

My child wanted to do extra tuition in maths and English prior to sitting his sats exams. Challenge was to get good grades in his sats test.

2. What were your goals on beginning to use our services?

My goals were to help my child to reach his full potential - to get him the perfect tutor to meet his needs.

3. Either before or after using our services, what do you think makes us stand out against our competitors?

I think that your service stands out due to your personal knowledge of the tutors which enables you to match the child with each tutor. Your friendly approach to your clients/pupils puts us at ease from the outset.

4. How has your child benefited from using our services?

My child benefited from using your services in that he felt confident going into his sats exam and he did achieve the top grades. He learned some very good exam techniques which he is now putting into practice in his GCSE exams.

5. This one is all about your child's 'story'. Can you highlight their plight, or 'journey' from before their tuition, during it and then after their tuition? I know this is a 'biggie', but this most likely is the answer that other parents will be interested in.

My son actually asked if he could have a private tutor when he was getting ready to do his sats in Year 6 at primary school. He was aware that his older siblings had been given private tuition so he knew all about what would be involved. He was bright but lacked confidence. I contacted Geoff at Ash Tutors and we set up a time each week for maths and English lessons. The tutor was fantastic and soon had him really enjoying the extra input. His confidence soared and he achieved very high grades. This set him up for secondary school and we have called upon Ash Tutors' services whenever we felt that a little extra help would benefit my son. I am happy to say that my son is now sitting his GCSE exams and his expected target grade is A* and A across all subjects. He is very happy and confident in his ability to obtain his goals which I attribute to the foundations being solidified by the wonderful tutors that my son has had along the way.

6. What would you say to other parents considering hiring a private tutor, and in particular, in relation to Ash Tutors and other tuition companies?

I would have no hesitation in recommending any parent to use the services of Ash tutors. If you are looking for that little bit of extra help with your child's education and want fully qualified, professional tutors look no further than Geoff at Ash Tutors.
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