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10 reasons to hire a private tutor for your child


 Why hire a private tutor for your child? Here are 10 good reasons:

The demand for private tuition is increasing, due mainly to the popularity of hiring a private tutor with parents who want to give their child extra support or prepare them for oncoming examinations.

In no particular order, here are 10 reasons to hire a private tutor for your child.

1. Confidence building

Some children lack confidence in school and as a result, they can fall behind and find themselves struggling academically. Hiring a private tutor can build a child's confidence in next to no time and guide them to academic success they might otherwise miss out on in school.

'Getting things wrong' in class can lead to a downward spiral of confidence. The social aspect of a classroom and its influence on kids cannot be underestimated.

Hiring a tutor can help to slow down and in most cases reverse this process.

2. Moving to a new school

Most children find the transition of moving schools unsettling and difficult, not only is there an unfamiliar school environment, there is also a change of area topped with having to make new friends! By hiring a private tutor you can help your child with academic support for the curriculum at the new school and help them settle into their new school environment. 

3. Summer school 

According to a survey, 1 in 4 parents hire a private tutor during the summer holidays to maintain the ground their child has covered over the past few terms and avoid the 'summer slide.' They very often then find that things are going so well they continue with the tutor long into the new term!

4. 11+ exam preparation 

It is always a good idea to prepare your child for an entrance exam. 11+ coaching is a much sought-after subject for private tutors.

5. Peace of mind

For many parents just knowing that their child can ask questions in a non-competitive environment can really give that peace of mind that they're doing all they can to support their child through school. Probelms can be addressed quickly, and any potential downward spiral avoided. 

 6. Homework

Hmmm, so the science teacher has sent home a complex problem that you can't help your child with. Hiring a private tutor is a fabulous way to support your child with homework.

Primary schools send home enormous amounts of maths and English (usually 'comprehension') homework. By hiring a private tutor you can help to take that emotional turmoil and point of conflict away and leaving you with a (nearly!) stress-free family environment!

7. Help with weaker subjects

By hiring a private tutor you can offer one-to-one support in subject areas where your child is struggling.

8. Results and grades are lower than expected

Your child may well benefit from a private tutor if their grades are have been lower than expected. In a large classroom environment, your child may be afraid to ask for help.

9. To widen your child's education

While schools do have a wide curriculum, there may be a subject (or an area of a subject) that your child wants to explore but isn't offered at their school.

10. Eliminate distractions

Some children are easily distracted by the behaviour of other pupils in their class and this can have a knock-back effect on their academic success. Hiring a private tutor eliminates distractions and allows the child to focus on the task at hand.

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