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When To Get A Primary Maths Tutor For Your Child


Maths can be a difficult subject for a child to understand from the onset.

Some children may be slower than others in understanding the many abstract concepts that are used in maths. Hiring a Primary Maths Tutor might be something to consider from an early age so that any issues can be nipped in the bud.

There are several signs to look out, or circumstances you may find yourself in which will give you an indication that your child may benefit from a primary maths tutor:

1. When there is little or no parental guidance...

Parents have a lot of responsibilities that may overwhelm them leaving little or no time to help their children with their homework tasks. This is increasingly common and nothing to be ashamed of!

Chances are high that parents may not be familiar with the concepts taught in modern schools.

To help you and your child, hiring a primary maths tutor will ease the burden and get expert help directly where it is needed.

2. When your child is 'below age expectations'...

 If your child's school report tells you that he/she is working 'below age expectations' in maths, then this indicates that things aren't necessarily going well. A primary maths tutor will be able to assess your child properly, giving not only an idea about current attainment but also giving an indication of which areas might be in need of further development.

Even in the case where they might be 'meeting age expectations' this doesn't really tell the whole story. Speak to your child's teacher and ask whether they feel your child is where they should be in terms of understanding maths concepts, and whether they think intervention would improve things.

It's very much an individual thing, and every case will be different.

3. When your child lacks confidence in maths...

There are children who can lose confidence in themselves over time when it comes to certain school subjects, none more so than in maths.

Maths is a subject where new skills and knowledge very much build upon previously learned skills and knowledge.

Children can become afraid to ask for help - not necessarily because they won't get it, but because of peer pressure and fear of ridicule. This can very quickly turn into a downward spiral and result in them failing in those subjects.

When you notice your child is having difficulty with maths, you can seek the assistance of a primary maths tutor who can help your child get their confidence back.

4. Your child's lack of interest

Your child may lose interest in the subject if they are not challenged enough in class which means they could just be bored. A primary maths tutor can help your child rekindle that love for learning. This is a nice problem to have!

Your child might need a primary maths tutor to take them to the next level if maths in class is just not challenging enough.

Follow this link to read a case study about a Year 6 boy who used our services on the approach into his Year 6 SATS.

5. When you notice slow progress in your child's performance

Teachers can only do so much for your child when it comes to one to one attention when they are slow in understanding. There are usually 29 other children all competing for the same amount!

A primary maths tutor can give many times more individual attention than they'll receive in class.

6. When you want maths to be a fun subject

Some children can become disillusioned with maths, even when are good at it, especially at primary level. Very often, class sizes mean that the more fun, practical side to maths just isn't possible. A primary maths tutor can help to remedy that situation and show your child just how much fun maths can be.

7. When your child is shy and won't ask...

Especially at primary level, this can be a big problem. As a teacher, many times I've told parents that their child would do a lot better in maths if they'd get actively involved rather than simply sitting passively. It's very much the key to quality learning. However, many children don't have the social skills to overcome this until it's too late.

A primary maths tutor will give 100% attention, and as there aren't any other pupils, then children tend to feel safer in asking questions.

Maths is a fun subject that your child can excel in with the help of primary maths tutors.

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