No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee


Home Tutor For Primary School Kids in St Helens

If you're looking for a home tutor for your primary school child in St.Helens, then look no further!


As a St Helens 'native', I personally know and have worked with many of the home tutors for primary school kids on my site over the last 20 + years (I even taught a couple of them - but we won’t go there!).

I wholeheartedly stand behind every last one of them for their professionalism and dedication in taking YOUR child from where they are now academically, to where you and they want to be.


You could hire a random name from one of the thousands of tutor 'directories', or you could reduce the risk and use Ash Tutors to take your child to the next level.

I personally interview every tutor asking to register on my site - and I frequently turn away those who don’t match up to my high standards.


What I Look For in Home Tutors for Primary School Kids

I look for professionalism, communication, reliability, teaching qualifications (yes, you wouldn’t believe how many so-called tutors don’t have a teaching qualification - yet the tutor-directories are happy to list them!), and many other qualities.

I get to know my home tutors for primary school children very well, in a way that a directory never could hope to.

This is what sets Ash Tutors apart from the rest, and is why we get so many 5-Star Facebook reviews, Trustpilot reviews and Google reviews. It’s also why I’ve had to stop adding client testimonials to the site as my website is turning into a huge list of testimonials!


Some of the Benefits of using Ash Tutors

Your primary school child could be benefiting from our Student Success Scheme, a unique and tangible reward system that motivates and encourages kids.


Our educational articles - many written specifically for parents - help you to help your child in the learning journey.


We set learning goals at the start of lessons to ensure everyone is clear what they’re trying to achieve.


We send clients a list of tutor expectations so they know which standards their tutor needs to maintain and live up to.


These are just some of the ways we go that extra mile to help your child regain their love of learning.


Why not book your home tutor for primary school kids today?