No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee


1. We specialise in home tutors for primary school children

Owned and run by me - Geoff Ashton - a primary school teacher (and tutor) with over 20 years experience at the chalk-face (latterly - the Smart-board face!) Ash Tutors has always focused on improving the home tutoring experience for our primary school children. How? Read on…

a. Our popular and effective Student Success Scheme: a simple system of rewarding those qualities that a solely target-driven group of lessons doesn’t reward. Instead, our SSS rewards consistency, effort, and dedication to the task - something that will serve our primary school children much better over the course of their lives, and provide motivation where there previously wasn't any!

b. Our rigorous tutor-selection process: you won’t find inexperienced or unqualified teachers on my site, nor will you find students or teaching assistants - all of whom apply to tutor for Ash Tutors regularly - but are politely turned away. I know what I’m looking for, and it only includes those who I know will do an outstanding job in teaching your children.

c. Regular monitoring: our lessons are monitored by you, the parent - so that at any point you can come back to me and give your feedback.

d. Agreed Learning Goals: while we recognise there are other things in life to targets, we also realise that they do have some value, especially when it comes to measuring the success of tuition. You won’t find any long run of lessons with no outcome here - all our lessons begin with a goal at the outset, so that all parties know whether any progress has been made.


2. No ‘tie-in’ contracts

We recognise that tuition has to work for everyone: parents, children, AND tutors. I wouldn’t expect any of those parties to continue if things weren't right, due to the nature of private tuition being in such an ‘intimate’ setting - usually in client’s homes. We therefore never ask you to pay for a minimum number of lessons - you can stop whenever you like and only ever pay for lessons taught. Of course, common sense dictates that any real progress to be made tutors should be given at least a school term.


3. Arrangements agreed before lessons begin

Due to the system we have in place for making arrangements for tuition, all parties can take the time to agree on the finer details before they ever have to speak with each other - something we unexpectedly found parents appreciate. You won’t need to have any awkward conversations about pricing, about availability or trying to arrange a time and day when YOU are actually free. All this is agreed upon prior to speaking with your tutor, leaving you and the tutor to focus on the most important thing: your child’s future progress.


These are just some of the features of using Ash Tutors for child’s home tutor for primary school Wigan.


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