No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee


Maths Tuition Near Me St.Helens

If you live in St Helens (I'm originally from Nutgrove!) and are looking for a maths tutor near to where you live, then it's possible Ash Tutors can help (you searched for ‘Maths Tuition Near Me St.Helens’ right?). I lived and taught in St Helens for many years and personally know all the tutors we offer in that area.


Now, you could take a huge risk and book some random person listed on a 'directory' site, and take them at their word that they're a fully qualified and experienced teacher, or you could use Ash Tutors - whose tutors are all personally interviewed and checked by myself - owner, Geoff Ashton - and take advantage of the 'extras' that come along with using Ash Tutors for your maths tuition.


Selecting Maths Tutors in St Helens

I take great care in selecting my maths tutors. They’re all fully qualified teachers, have genuine school teaching experience (most still teach in local High Schools) and they have to pass through my rigorous interview process before I accept them on board.


Furthermore, at the start of lessons, each and every client receives a list of tutor-expectations that tutors need to adhere to in order to maintain the high standards at Ash Tutors - which includes guarantees on reliability, thorough planning, professionalism and many other things I, as a parent as well as a teacher, would expect.


Maths Tuition Pricing

Our unique tuition packages will give you a couple of pricing points in order for you to choose which best applies to your child’s situation.


We’ve taught maths at Ash Tutors for many years now, and our 5-Star reviews on several platforms are a testament to the quality we provide. (See Facebook reviewsGoogle reviews and Trustpilot reviews)


Learning goals will be set at the start of lessons, leaving no-one in any doubt what is hoped to be achieved, and students may opt to take advantage of our Student Success Scheme, which gives tangible rewards to both tutors and students for key milestones reached.


Lessons take place in client’s homes at your convenience.


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