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Best Educational Gifts For Kids This Christmas (2018)

The gift of giving...

Looking for the best educational gifts for kids this Chritsmas (2018) - that won't break the bank? 

My list can help...

These are mostly for the primary age range, but some gifts extend a lot higher into teens or beyond. Check individual listings for details.

All these gifts had an Amazon star-rating of 4 and above, and all claimed to be suitable for ages 4 to 12.

You can click through to the Amazon listing either via the image or the gift's title.

Top 5s in no particular order, organised into: Best MATHS gifts for kids, Best ENGLISH gifts for kids, Best SCIENCE gifts for kids. 

Let's get started…

Best MATHS gifts for kids (Top 5):

Maths Magic

1. Maths Magic

Rating: 4.5 stars

Price: £8 to £12


​-Magic number tricks
-Ideal for cognitive skills
-15 Fun maths tricks
-Games and puzzles
-Ideal Gift

Professor Puzzle Great Minds Aristotle's Number Puzzle

2. Professor Puzzle Great Minds Aristotle's Number Puzzle

Star rating: 4.5

Price: £8


-The Great Minds Range Aristotle's Number Puzzle
-Puzzle Mission - To make every row add up to 38
-There are 15 rows in all directions to complete, each made up of 3, 4 or 5 pieces
-This brilliant concept allows you to complete the puzzle by using every number from 1 to 19!

Sum Swamp Addition & Subtraction Game

3. Sum Swamp Addition & Subtraction Game

Star rating: 4.5

Price: £12:98


-Reinforces addition and subtraction
-Helps children understand number sentences
-Includes both number and operation die
-Includes soft plastic counters
-Award-winning board game

Kanoodle Extreme

4. Kanoodle Extreme

Star rating: 5 

Price: £11


-Improve critical thinking skills and spatial reasoning
-Features 300 brain-boosting puzzles
-Single player game-play
-Box includes game pieces, challenge book and instructions
-Stores in a handy carry case

Top of the Tables! Times Table Game

5. Top of the Tables! Times Table Game

Star rating: 4.5

Price: £14:50


-Teaches individual times tables from 2 to 12.
-Additional levels cover 13 and 14 times tables.
-Game play encourages strategic thinking.
-Tackles mental multiplication.
-Includes multilingual activity guide and cards.

Best ENGLISH gifts for kids (Top 5):

Match and Spell Game

1.Match and Spell Game

Star rating: 4.5

Price range: £5 to £8


-Develops reading and spelling
-Encourages matching and memory skills
-Progressive educational game with two ways to play
-Suitable for ages 4+ and 1-4 players
-Packaging illustrations may vary slightly due to packaging update in 2017

Breaking News! Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Game

2. Breaking News! Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Game

Star rating: 4.5

Price range: £19 to £21


-Prepare students for spelling, punctuation and grammar tests.
-Cards are self-checking with spelling, punctuation and grammar rules printed on them.
-Categories include punctuation, spelling, verb tense, sentence grammar and vocabulary.
-Game board features the following news departments: Weather Central, Business Beat, Live ---News, Local News, Entertainment News and Sport Department.
-Suitable for 2-6 players.

The BFG Spelling Game

3.The BFG Spelling Game

Star rating: 4.5

Price: £8:45


-Includes 7 wonder clump card games
-Ideal for children in Key stages 1 &2
-Fun way to learn

Last Word - The Game

4.  Last Word - The Game

Star rating: 4.5

Price: £16:85


-Race around the board in an uproarious race to have the final say!
-Turn over a category, vegetables for example then turn over a letter card perhaps a "C"
-The aim is to get the last word in before the buzzer sounds
-Carrots, cauliflower, corgettes buzz!!
-To keep things interesting the buzzer goes off at different intervals each time

Vocabulary Spelling Building Lettered Tile Children Game

5. Bananagrams Zip it Vocabulary Spelling Building Lettered Tile Children Game

Star rating: 5

Price range: £9 to £15


-Zip It - The small space word race. Take 12 cubes and race against your opponent to build a grid
-Fast, fun-filled educational word game that requires no pencil, paper or board
-A round of Zip It can be played in as little as 20 seconds.
-Zip It comes in a small portable pouch with a yellow and green zipper to keep track of points
-Zip It - Bronze Award Winner for the 2016 Primary Teacher Awards

Best SCIENCE gifts for kids (Top 5): 

Snap Circuits Jr. - SC-100

1. Snap Circuits Jr. - SC-100

Star rating: 5

Price range: £25 to £30


-Awards: The National Parenting Center-Seal of Approval, Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products, ----Dr Toy Best Educational Products
-Contains more than 30 Snap-Together parts
-Build more than 100 exciting projects
-Clear and concise illustrated manual included and available online
-Exciting projects include burglar alarm, doorbell and more

Horrible Science Explosive Experiments

2.  Horrible Science Explosive Experiments

Star rating: 4

Price range: £14 to £18


-Extremely explosive stuff. Adult supervision required
-Create and launch a the rocket and watch a volcano erupt
-Make a lava lamp and mix up some seriously slimy snot
-Includes a 32-page Lab Notebook
-Contains plastic rocket, nose cone, fins, plastic volcano, sand, pair of goggles, sodium hydrogen carbonate, slime powder, glue, green and red food colouring, tub with lid, rubber stopper, valve and 2 mixing pots
-Suitable from age 8 years and up

Natural History Museum NHM1005 Pocket Microscope

3.  Natural History Museum NHM1005 Pocket Microscope

Star rating: 4.5

Price: £17.99


-Trust the Natural History Museum to devise the most efficient, most want-able pocket microscope.
-For all that it measures just 12 x 8 x 4.5 cm,
-It's got 20x - 40x zoom magnification with touch-button ultra-bright LED illuminator.
-Adjust focus wheel for stunning clarity and inspect flakes of skin and the like in incredible detail.
-Comes with slides, the and lens cloth

Invent-a-Scent Perfume

4.  Invent-a-Scent Perfume

Star rating: 4.5

Price range: £10 to £13


-Learn all about the art of perfume blending and invent gorgeous perfumes to match your personality.
-Learn how to mix top, middle and base fragrance notes just like a professional perfumer in your own home studio.
-Invent a scent to match your style or make great smelling and unique scents for friends and family.
-Follow the colour illustrated activity guide to see how it's done!
-Just one of the collectable FabLab kits from Interplay.

Rainbow Lab Kit

5.  Rainbow Lab Kit

Star rating: 5

Price: £19:99


-A young science kit to encourage early STEM learning and scientific thinking while having fun!
-Experiment with colour mixing, grow amazing jelly-like crystals and create a rainbow in a test tube!
-Includes a 24-page full the lab book with 12 fun experiments
-Contains 3 test tubes, test tube rack, goggles, colour mixing tray, pipette, polyacrylamide crystals, 3 food colourings, rainbow glasses, 3 plastic cups, mirror, stickers, notepad and more
-Suitable from age 5 years and upwards


This list is based on research and reviews - not first-hand experience. I take no responsibility for the quality or effectiveness of any products. I'm not affiliated with any of the companies involved. Prices and star-ratings correct at time of writing - they will change!

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