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Bring Back The Spirit of Christmas



Children baking!

Christmas time with the kids is magical in so many ways, whether it is the peace and quiet of time as a family you enjoy or the excitement of dashing about to parties, events, visits to meet Santa and last minute Christmas shopping for endless gifts.  

Yet, in all the craziness of the festive season, both with the end of term madness at school and the exciting Christmas countdown, children can lose the meaning behind it.


They wish for larger, noisier or more expensive presents year on year, and seeing everyone rushing around the shops like headless chickens buying expensive trinkets only serves to ensure that the true meaning of Christmas is well and truly lost on them.


So how about a way to bring family, fun, learning and the meaning of Christmas together in one wonderful bundle? It sounds like our kind of fun. Read on to bring back the spirit of Christmas to your life...

Home baked goods are fantastic at Christmas for a number of reasons:


  • They are wonderful to have around the home for the endless stream of relatives and out of town friends who pop in for a cup of tea.


  • They make for a lovely, thoughtful and inexpensive gift from the children and they help bring back the sense of giving something from the heart as opposed to simply spending money.


  • The counting out and reading of ingredients means the children are practising their maths and English language skills without even noticing.  This kind of functional learning is a great way to help drill in the lessons learned through the school term and tutoring in a fun, easy going manner which is the most effective way for children to learn.



Many children love to help out in the kitchen and no doubt even the ones who would rather be out with their mates will discover something they enjoy about baking.


Plus the lasting memories of the time you spend together in the kitchen and the smiles on their family and friends' faces when they receive their hand-made gifts will ensure it becomes a festive family tradition year in year out.


But what to bake?  Well you have the classic mince pie of course, or a mini Christmas cake, but beyond the most traditional of items, we have scoured the internet for some lovely recipes which the kids will adore making, and family and friends will love receiving.


Great Recipes For Kids To Make


There is a mixture of age-relevant treats so whether you are baking with primary or secondary aged children, they will be in their element and able to help you read and count out the necessary ingredients:







The sharing and teamwork necessary to make festive home baking a success, plus the fun and warmth which comes from the experience will really put a smile on your, and your children’s faces this year.


And spreading the love and joy to family and friends with your offerings will the be the icing on the cake (excuse the pun!).


Happy Christmas from everyone at Ash Tutors

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