No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

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Case Study - Year 11 GCSE English & Spanish

For each case study, I emailed out a series of questions. The parent's response is below each question. In most cases, parents understandably wanted their anonymity maintaining. Finally, for the most part, answers are from busy mums replying on their phones during a lunch break! So please be forgiving if their replies appear abrupt. They receive nothing in return for doing this and are giving up their precious time completely of their own accord. Geoff :)

The student was a Year 11 girl - tutored in English & Spanish (2 separate tutors) till GCSEs in Year 11 from the previous September. 

1. What challenges was your child experiencing before beginning to use our services?

Emily was falling behind in class, disinterested in lessons and it was questionable whether she would gain a grade C at GCSE.
Emily needed to make improvements in her language skills, especially her spelling.

2. What were your goals on beginning to use our services?

Grade C in GCSE English; Grade B in GCSE Spanish.

3. Either before or after using our services, what do you think makes us stand out against our competitors?

Signposting to knowledgable, skilled and local tutors who are committed to getting the best out of their pupils.

4. How has your child benefited from using our services?

Emily's Spanish skills improved to such an extent that she took the Higher Level GCSE Paper.

Emily learnt a range of exam techniques and grew in confidence. She went into the exams feeling well prepared.

5. This one is all about your child's 'story'. Can you highlight their plight, or 'journey' from before their tuition, during it and then after their tuition? I know this is a 'biggie', but this most likely is the answer that other parents will be interested in.

Emily is a high preforming student who is in the top sets for all school subjects, with the exception of languages. Languages have never been Emily's strong point and we wanted additional support, during her final school year, to maximise her chances of getting the best grades. We are hopeful that she will achieve the grades she needs to attend Winstanley College.

6. What would you say to other parents considering hiring a private tutor, and in particular, in relation to Ash Tutors and other tuition companies?

I would recommend these particular teachers and the service we received from Ash Tutors. Both tutors were experienced, approachable, flexible and reliable. Emily even began to enjoy Spanish!
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