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Christmas Crafts for Kids 


Are you ready to get creative this Christmas and have some DIY fun with the kids? Winter is the ideal time of the year to settle down and get crafty!


While you are out and about or on the way home from school, have a look for some interesting things such as twigs, leaves, pebbles and shells that you can collect and use.


From pretty snow scene jars to hand-print bunting you can cherish for years to come ... Here are some of the best and most certainly easiest Christmas crafts to make with your children.




What you need

Cotton wool
Clean jam jar
Pine cone, small twigs or a Christmas decoration


• Take a wad of cotton wool and add some glue to one side.

• Stick the cotton wool to the lid of the jar.

• Add the decorations or pine cone & stick them to the cotton wool.

• Screw the jar onto the lid and hey presto! A lovely little Christmas decoration which will last for years.


Xmas tree




Xmas lights


What you need

A couple of clean jars
Tea lights
Wire - Can use an old wire coat-hanger OR instead of wire simply use some natural jute rustic twine.

• Pop a tea light into each of the jars.

• Decorate the outside of the jars or add a handle using the wire or natural twine.

• Decorations can include pine cones tied with the twine or a small bunch of plastic holly berries.




What you need


A handful of uncooked pasta bows
Paint and paint brush
Twine or string (if you wish to hang the bows on your Christmas tree)


• Lay your pasta bows out on a piece of newspaper.

• Decorate the bows with paint in festive colours and allow to dry.

• Add some glitter.

• Either put the bows in a bowl and use as a table decoration or tie them with string and use them as Christmas tree decorations.

• If you prefer not to paint the bows, simple use glue and gold glitter.


Xmas bow



What you need



Younger children will enjoy getting their hands messy with this one! Simply paint your child's hands with festive coloured paint and let them make a handprint on a few pieces of card.


For a touch of sparkle, add some glue to the handprint and sprinkle with glitter. Cut the card into bunting V shapes and hang with string. You can either attach the string to the back of the cards with sellotape or use a hole punch.



What you need


Empty toilet roll holders
Paint and paint brush
Cotton wool
Marker pen
Cord or twine


This super tutorial shows you step-by-step how to make your own Santa Christmas tree ornaments using card toilet roll holders.


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