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What is the right age for a child to get a Private Primary Tutor?


This is a question many parents ask themselves when it comes to the education of their children. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Those parents who're particularly keen may consider pre-school to be a good time to engage the help of a private primary tutor, to get them off to a good start. However, I would argue that an hour's one to one is in most cases too long a period for this age group to focus, and parents would be better waiting till at least their child has a good term or so in Reception class under their belts. In Reception the periods between play and focused learning will blur, and the children will be encouraged to spend more and more time on focused 'teacher-led' activities.

2. Once this period has passed, parents will have a better idea of whether a tutor would be beneficial. Can your child sit still and focus for an hour? Do you have any specific concerns which have led you to think a tutor would be helpful?

For your child to be in a position to concentrate and understand what they are being taught, the tutor can divide the sessions into parts and tailor each session according to your child's specific interests.

3. If your child has a learning difficulty, it is usually advantageous to seek the help of the best tutors from an early age who will help in rectifying any problems. Private primary tutors in Wigan can identify and work on the areas where your child needs the most help.

4. When you notice your child is having trouble with basic maths concepts, reading fluency, spelling or comprehension or they are having problems in phonics, it is important to tackle this as early as possible in order for your child to have a stable foundation in their education. Downward spirals are not uncommon if not addressed as early as possible. Hiring maths and English tutors who will help your child have a better grasp of these subjects will greatly boost their start in life.

5. Sometimes the school can raise an issue concerning your child's performance. If your child is performing below par, the teacher may communicate their concerns by scheduling a meeting to discuss what needs to be done. Getting extra hours with a private primary tutor can help tremendously in boosting your child's class performance.

6. As children become more competitive in school, there is a tendency of children dividing themselves into groups according to their acaemic abilities. Despite teachers' best efforts, children very quickly learn which ability groups they have been placed in. This can lead to your child requesting a private primary tutor themselves, to help them improve on their assessments so as to fit in with friends who score higher in spelling or maths tests.

The right age for your child to get a private primary tutor can vary with situations and the child in question. Every parent wants the best education for their child but careful consideration has to be applied when making this decision. In most cases though, the one thing many parents tell us after using our private primary tuition services is: We wish we'd have done it sooner!

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