No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

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Like any other business, the private tutoring industry has its own risks. There are many tutors who are qualified and experienced but there are those unscrupulous people who just want to make easy money, and while some bend the truth, there are also those who downright lie! It is therefore important to find a qualified and skilled tutor who will assist your child in specific subjects. Here are some tips to point you in the right direction to find only the best tutors:

1. What is your budget for the tuition?

Tuition fees vary according to the qualifications of the tutor, the age of the child, the demand at the time and several other factors parents might not immediately recognise. If you want a Year 11 tutor in a core subject a couple of months before GCSEs then prices may be at a premium - especially in the 'open market' style of companies that offer a free-for-all shop-window model. You might save on costs using these types of companies, but in the long run, do you want a teaching assistant to tutor your child? Or perhaps a student with no experience? Or maybe even a lab technician? All of these have tried to register with Ash Tutors in the past - unsuccessfully, I might add! :)

At Ash Tutors prices remain constant throughout the year, regardless of demand. What you see on the pricing page at the time of starting tuition is what you pay for the duration, until you decide to finish.

2. Consult with your child's teacher to know where the problem lies...

Before hiring a private tutor, it is vital that you consult with your child's teacher so that you can pass on this vital information to a tutor. Or a recent school report will do, along with recent test results. A tutor can always do their own assessments, but it ceratinly helps to 'hit the ground running' so that time is spent on teaching and not on needless assessments. With this information you will also be in a position to get the best tutor for the job.

At Ash Tutors, this information is taken into account to secure the best tutor for the job, using our expert knowledge on which level of teaching experience and skills fit which particular role.

3. Interview and check the credentials of the tutor.

If you are carrying this process out yourself, you may wish to 'interview' a prospective tutor. I'm not referring to anything formal here - just a phone call or email to find out if this person fits the job spec and also just as important, if they're someone you can do business with. A qualified tutor will be conversant with the subject in question and have an outline on how to solve specific learning difficulties. At this stage, you may wish to find out what happens if the tutor can't make a lesson, or if your child can't. This will save embarrassment later. We English hate to discuss payments or cancellation fees!

Will you be asking to see their qualifications and their DBS clearance? Another awkward situation removed if you use Ash Tutors, as we do that for you. See OUR VALUES to find out what we look for.

At Ash Tutors, we also lay out for you precisely what happens if either party can't make lessons so you are left in no doubt.

4. Use a personally recommended tutor or a reputable online service.

Of course, the safety of your child comes first. Using a trusted recommendation will make you feel at ease with the tutor you leave your child with. Also, online services (like Ash Tutors) should have vetted their best tutors which guarantees you professional and qualified tutors. Ash Tutors offer only qualified and professional tutors, with up to date client reviews. Don't take a website's word for it, look for 'testimonials' but perhaps more importantly, 'independent' reviews like those offered by Facebook, Google and Trustpilot are more likely to be truthful as they can't be manipulated by an unscrupulous business owner!

5. Request for progress reports.

Regular progress reports from your child's tutor will give you a good idea of how your child is progressing. This can be another awkward sticking point as many tutors will give you nothing but a 'doing fine' sort of report. At Ash Tutors, written 'learning goals' are agreed before lessons, along with a requirement that all tutors report detailed progress (or lack of!) with parents. This is outlined in a document that parents and tutors receive before lessons begin, so everyone is fully aware of expectations.

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Whether it's looking for the best tutors for a secondary school child, or a private primary tutor for your child, the points above will help you be in a better position in your search, and therefore more likely for it to be a success!

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