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How To Get Your Child To Love Reading

Some children are obsessive readers, while others are more than reluctant to even pick up a book. 

The question is, how can we get children interested in books in the first place?


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Here are 5 proven techniques to help children fall in love with books and become greater readers:


1- Join the local library

The library is not only a great place to encourage children to love books, it also teaches them to become responsible and treat things that don't belong to them with care.

As well as a huge range of books and many opportunities for children to develop as readers, libraries also offer free story time sessions which promote literacy and social development. Go home and open a book!


2-Let children read what they want

Allow children to read whatever they love. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad book for children. 'Children should be allowed to read whatever they enjoy' says author Neil Gaiman as he warned that 'well-meaning adults could destroy a child's love of reading forever.'


Giving children boring books to read will in no way entice them to pick up a book. You can always wean children off books that you think are worthless to more meaningful ones over a period of time but it will be much more difficult to get them back into reading if they only have a shelf of boring books.


3-Read children's books yourself

Children love the fact that you are reading the same type of books they are reading. If you both read the same book, it's a great opportunity to discuss what you both liked most about the book and who was your favourite character and why. Share your love of reading and it will inspire children to read.


4- Vary the reading material

Have a wide and varied selection of reading material including magazines, comic books, newspapers and leaflets. This is a great way to boost confidence and encourage reading.


5-Create a reading space.

Create a reading space which is well lit as well as being inviting and comfortable. Cushions on the floor or bean bags offer an attractive and comfortable spot to read. Young children often benefit from having a cuddly toy or teddy bear that they can interact with and read to.


Wise words indeed from Philip Pullman:

''Children need art and stories and poems and music as much as they need love and food and fresh air and play.''



Do you have any favourite children's books? Share your views by leaving a comment. We would love to hear from you.


Did you know we actually have a GREAT resource along these lines? It's called:

"HOW TO READ WITH YOUR CHILD AT HOME - A PARENTS' GUIDE" - just click the link for free access.



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