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Why Is Private GCSE Tuition Important?

First of all, GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. They are qualification exams taken by most English students at the age of 14 to 16, and tend to be the main yardstick by which many prospective employers judge their future employees. They also form the basis upon which universities select students for their courses. 

There are core compulsory subjects that students have to take. These are English, Maths and Science. GCSE students study a lot of subjects, some of which are optional, giving them a wider scope in their education. They also have to include a foreign language and humanities.

With this so subjects to learn all at the same time, it can become vital to hire a skilled GCSE tutor to help students in understanding the weaker of these subjects so as not to fall behind on their grades, and to have the best chance of future study or future employment.

1. GCSE tutors will assist your child by creating specific teaching techniques that are tailor-made to tackle the specific subjects they are struggling with. Whether it is in languages, humanities or the core subjects, GCSE tuition will greatly help your child get a better understanding of where they need to focus their efforts.

2. Teachers that teach Year 11 GCSE students have an unenviabley difficult task with a class full of students, all vying to get the best grades possible. It's a lot of pressure on the staff and on the young students themselves. This is where hiring a private GCSE tutor comes in to help your child get one-on-one sessions from the best tutors.

3. GCSE students are required to attain very high grades for them to qualify for entry into a good university. If your child is having a hard time applying what they have learned in the exams, our GCSE tutors can give your child alternative ways of better understanding exam questions and answering them as required. Test technique is aften underestimated by parents. 

Here, you can read one of our case studies about how a Year 11 girl benefited from using both an English tutor and a Spanish tutor before her final exams.

4. GCSE learning has become very competitive and this is putting a lot of pressure on students to attain high grades in their respective subjects. For example, your child may need the help of a GCSE maths  tutor, or a GCSE English tutor if they are struggling in understanding the subject's course topics. The tutor can model an easy learning technique that will help boost your child's confidence in applying the learned knowledge.

5. Most GCSE students will seek the assistance of a Private Maths Tutor or a Private English Tutor when it is nearing an exam to adequately prepare. This is a big mistake, as the best tutors are usually booked up either in Year 10 or at the very latest by Christmas before the exams take place in June the following year. Every year from January to June, we at Ash Tutors have to turn many people away due to a lack of availability. Give your child a chance to learn, and the tutor a chance to teach, without the pressure of exams in the near future. That way they will be able to face their final GCSE exams confident in the knowledge that they've put the proper preparation in. 

Click this link to find out about our favourite resources for GCSE exam preparation.

GCSE tuition is becoming increasingly necessary for your child in this ever competitive era we find ourselves in.

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