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No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

Private Tuition Services: What I do...


At Ash Tutors, we provide Private Primary Tutors for all children still at primary school. As an experienced primary teacher (and Private Primary Tutor) myself, I know exactly what it takes to develop a child from a position of uncertainty and perhaps low confidence, then to build a trusting relationship with a Private Primary Tutor and address those areas for development within the primary curriculum, and slowly but steadily give them confidence to succeed and shine in class. We're not talking about creating geniuses here, but we all know that at this age it takes something as simple and seemingly small and insignificant as not putting their hand up in class, which can then create a downward spiral of disengagement. Only a Private Primary Tutor is in a position to reverse that spiral and create the right habits in a child to improve their chances of success in the future. You can read a short case study of how we helped a local boy achieve his SATS goals in Year 6

At Ash Tutors (which, incidentally, I run and manage alone!) I strive to obtain only the very best Private Primary Tutors whose values aline with mine, and I do all I can to ensure that high standards of teaching and professionalism are adhered to throughout the tutoring process. There are no such standards if you source your Private Primary Tutor from one of the many directories!

PRIVATE ENGLISH TUTORS (at High School level)

My Private English Tutors are all local to Wigan, Warrington and St.Helens. My niece is one of them! The subject of English is such a key subject today and always has been. It's the key to all the other subjects. Communication in writing has never been more prevalent, and although appreciation of literature is a nice thing to have, today's successful job candidates had better be able to read, write, spell and use excellent grammar to a very high standard - more than ever before! I've been a Private English Tutor up to Lower GCSE level, and have a better appreciation than many parents as to what makes a top quality Private English Tutor. I don't have many registered at Ash Tutors, specifically because I actually turn away many new Private English Tutors because they don't meet the criteria of standards I set. 

If you decide to book one of my Private English Tutors, you can be certain they're fully qualified (as an actual English teacher!), they're experienced teaching in a school (and therefore know the curriculum and the intricacies of the GCSE English exam and they're fully committed to providing a professional service for you and your child. You can read a case study of how we helped one young lady achieve her GCSE English goals.

PRIVATE MATHS TUTORS (at High School level) 

My Private Maths Tutors have proven their worth time and again over the past few years, as can be evidenced in their testimonials. Second only to Private English Tuition as the most 'in demand' secondary subject, Private Maths Tuition is perhaps the most feared of subjects and the one most likely to bring kids out in a sweat! It needn't be that way. I always ask for comments from past clients, and the often repeated comment is along the lines of 'we wish we hadn't left it so long!'

Private Maths Tuition can, more than any other subject, change the fortunes of many High School children.  It takes only one missed lesson, or perhaps a lesson where your child didn't quite grasp a concept, then because of the nature of maths it can mean that all subsequent learning is lost. Think of, for example, not quite following some rules in algebra, or perhaps getting confused over a particular calculation method. Subsequent learning can suffer hugely.

At Ash Tutors, you can be certain that my Private Maths Tutors are well versed in the GCSE maths curriculum and the GCSE maths exam, and if you decide to book one of my Private Maths Tutors, you'll be giving your child every chance of achieving the very best GCSE maths grade they're capable of.

PRIVATE SCIENCE TUTORS (private Spanish tutors; private French tutors and more subjects...)

Decent Private Science Tutors are a very rare commodity! Just ask any High School (my wife works in a local one - so I know of what I speak!). If your child is approaching GCSEs - and please don't leave it till 2 or 3 months before - then you'd be well advised to book your Private Science Tutor well in advance before they get booked up.

So rare are they in fact, that I've even had so-called 'Private Science Tutors' try to register, and it's turned out they were little more than a lab technician from a High School. I kid you not! Quite how that individual intended teaching science to GCSE level I have no idea - although I DO know that they were accepted onto other 'directory' sites, and that they were operating as a Private Science Tutor for quite some time.

At Ash Tutors I can assure you that I only register fully qualified and experienced (in a school!) Private Science Tutors, and that your Private Science Tutor will be experienced in teaching children who are leading up to their Year 11 GCSE final exam in science. Just to conclude, you'll see on my 'SUBJECTS' pages I have Private Tutors from many other subjects, for example: Private Spanish Tutors, Private French Tutors, and tutors from other subjects such as sociology, history and psychology.

To further explore the possibility of using my service to help your child further along the road to success, then either give me a ring, or complete my form which will give me all the details I need to find the most suitable private tutor for your child.

Geoff Ashton (owner)