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No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

Testimonials & Reviews for Ash Tutors

Re Ms Lesley - primary tutor (Tutor ref: 116)

"So proud too, as a handful of year six children received awards and Sarah was awarded a Merit Certificate for achievement in Maths - after a long couple of years struggle, she did really well in her Sats. (Thanks Ash Tutors)."

Jackie Carter, St.Helens, July 2014

re Mrs Laura - primary tutor (ref:141)

"We contacted Ash Tutors after being informed our son was struggling... particularly with handwriting. We were put in touch with Laura ...She has been fantastic... They have developed a great relationship and he now feels far more confident in his handwriting and his approach to learning ... She communicates regularly...and provides progress updates... Laura has made such an impression that we have carried on... even though he has caught up... We couldn’t have wished for more! Thanks Laura!"

Stuart Chaplin, (The Children's Society) Warrington, July 2014

(Tutor ref: 109)

"(My son) had a fantastic report. Would love you to read it. If get chance will scan and e-mail it to you. Thanks for all your hard work with him." 

Dr Jan Lackey, St.Helens, July 2014

(Tutor ref: 109)

"Hi Geoff, thought you might like to know that (my son) has verbally been given his SATS marks today by his teacher. He tells us he got a 4a for his reading (2marks off 5c), a 5c for his SPAG and a level 5 for his maths. We are very proud of him and thanks for all your hard work."

Name withheld, Wigan, July 2014

Re Mrs Karen (ref: 118) 

"Karen is brilliant. The kids love her as do I and I think the progression (in Spanish) since she has taken over their teaching is amazing!
Very delighted to have her around my children."


Angie Elsley, Warrington, June 2014

Re Miss Nuala (ref: 153) 

"We are delighted with Miss Nuala. (My grandson) has settled well with her. She is amazing with him and reigns him back in when he 'drifts a little'. Thank you for recommending her."  (You can read a short case study about this client here.)


Margaret Matthews, St.Helens, June 2014

Re Miss Danielle - primary tutor (ref: 120) (Edited to fit in the bubble!!)

"It was a difficult decision...; ...Will it actually help?! However, I wanted you to know how delighted we have been with Danielle, who has provided... tuition in maths to our daughter ... In the short period of time... her accuracy and confidence have come on exceptionally, and she has ... moved up a ‘group’ ... Seeing (her) face light up as she tells us how well she has done in her latest maths assessment convinces me that this was the best decision...This fills us with confidence as she prepares for her SATs next year."


Lee Cooper, Wigan, June 2014

Re Mr Harry (ref:143)

"I cannot thank you or Harry enough for what he has done to (my daughter's) confidence in such a very short space of time - the turn around has been amazing to see!  When Harry saw her back in Feb her predicted grade was D (C on a good day) and has actually sat the higher paper this week as on doing a mock exam a couple of weeks ago achieved a comfortable B; 4 marks off an A - I think that alone speaks for itself. Thank you once again - I would certainly recommend you to anyone in the future." 

S. Christiansen, Warrington, June 2014
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