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The POWER of Routine in the education of your child

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'Routine’ is a much-maligned method of organising:

‘Same old routine…daily grind…’

But as most successful people will know – a routine is the cornerstone of your building; the glue that holds your life together; one of the pillars keeping you vertical.


'The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.' Mike Murdock

How many of us use a diary to keep things in order? Or a calendar? How many have one of those enviable memories that can hold long lists of dates, appointments, and tasks? (I confess, I’m not one of the latter!)

I expect most of you make use of one or all of these methods. You do this because you are organised, you are successful and you know the power of routine.




Is there a daily slot, a space, a time in the day, every day, when you make time to help your child with their learning?

Does your child know when this is, and therefore doesn’t need nagging, doesn’t procrastinate, doesn’t suffer from inertia when that time comes? Because they KNOW this is the time you’ll be available to help them. You might not be sitting close by, watching their every movement and waiting for questions, but they know that if needed you’ll drop everything and be available.


Power of routine:

Just 30 minutes per day is 3.5 hours per week; 21 hours over a 6-week half-term that you’ll have spent positively engaged in their learning. You’ll know where they are up to, and they’ll know you know! Are you really so busy with life you are unable to do this? Are your children important enough to you? I suspect I know the answer.

Of course, breaking from routine is terrific every now and again – but don’t let that break become the routine!


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