No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee





No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee


Work as a Private Tutor in Wigan, Warrington & St Helens

(or online from anywhere in the UK!)

Primary School Tutor



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Private Tutor Jobs are available NOW in these areas and beyond.

At Ash Tutors all registered tutors complete the registration form, send electronic copies of the appropriate documents and then are freely advertised on the site and recommended personally by myself to clients who match what they offer. 

Tutors retain their self-employed status, and full control over what they are able to offer, in terms of availability, venue and whether or not to take on a particular client.

We only take experienced school teachers who have taught in real schools and understand the curriculum and exam processes like no-one else can.

You will be paid directly from the client using a method of your choice. In particular demand for Private Tuition Jobs are private science tutors, private maths tutors and private English tutors. 

If you check our Facebook reviews, our Google reviews, our Trustpilot reviews and of course, our own Testimonials pages, you'll see that parents put their trust in me - owner, Geoff Ashton - to ensure their child's education is in safe hands.

Register As A Private Tutor Now!

Some Benefits of Tutoring through Ash Tutors for your
Private Tuition Jobs

At the beginning of lessons, 'Learning Goals' are agreed upon with our clients, which provides a focus to lessons and planning, so all parties know what the aims are. It is also agreed that while the learning goals are to be strived after, they can never be guaranteed.


Learning Goals



Success Scheme
for Tutors &

Something that our home tutors have found particularly effective is our unique Student Success Scheme - a system of rewarding children (and tutors) for reaching key milestones. If clients opt-in to the free scheme, they are provided with a simple system that involves children and private tutors for only a few seconds per lesson, which encourages consistency, attitude and celebrates success. This is something that isn’t currently mimicked at any other tuition company, as far as I’m aware (if you ignore the ‘sticker-fest’ at some tuition centres!).

As you'll retain your self-employed status, clients pay you instantly after each and every lesson using a method of your choosing. Ash Tutors doesn't take anything from you.


Get Paid Instantly
After Every Lesson 



High Tutor-Pay Rates

At Ash Tutors we like to keep things simple. Clients can choose from 2 tuition packages, meaning as a private tutor you will earn from £25 to £31 per hour lesson taught. This is more than highly competitive in the current market. (Rates may change in the future.)