No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee





No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee


Specialist Private Primary School Tutors in Wigan, Warrington & St Helens

Primary School Tutor

As an experienced, specialist primary school tutor myself, I can recognise what goes into the makings of outstanding primary school tutors!

Ash Tutors began its life offering only home school tutors in Wigan, Warrington, and St Helens, so I can confidently say that our experienced school tutors offer the most professional tutoring service around for your child.

All our primary school home tutors are interviewed by me personally, all their details are checked, and if I sense one jot of unprofessionalism then I don't register them on my site. You won't find any Teaching Assistants, student teachers or people who've never set foot in a classroom to teach children - only experienced, fully qualified teachers who've walked the walk!

The early years at primary school is such an important phase of a child's academic life, that parents simply can't afford to take chances on non-qualified tutors or tutors with little experience of classroom life. I wouldn't take the risk on my own child!

All my primary school tutors' work is continually monitored to ensure standards are kept high (and indeed, you’ll receive a list of what we expect from tutors when you begin lessons), so you can be assured that your child will receive the very best in tuition out there at present.

If you check our Facebook reviews, our Google reviews, our Trustpilot reviews and of course, our own Testimonials pages, you'll see that parents put their trust in me - owner, Geoff Ashton - to ensure their child's education is in safe hands.

Some Benefits of Using Ash Tutors for your
Primary School Home Tutor

At the beginning of lessons, learning goals are agreed upon with our clients, which provides a focus to lessons and planning, and ultimately reduces the length of time you need to pay for tuition. This is absent in many tuition companies, resulting in long periods of tuition where no-one really knows what specific progress is being made. Unless you know where you’re going, you won’t know when you’ve arrived!


Learning Goals
for Key Stage 1 &
Key Stage 2 Children



Success Scheme
for Tutors &

Something that our Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 home tutors have found particularly effective is our unique Student Success Scheme - a system of rewarding children (and tutors) for reaching key milestones. This is something you need to opt-in to and it will be offered on booking your tutor (it doesn't cost any extra!). It’s a simple system that involves children and private primary tutors for only a few seconds per lesson, and it encourages consistency, attitude and celebrates success. This is something that isn’t currently mimicked at any other tuition company, as far as I’m aware (if you ignore the ‘sticker-fest’ at some tuition centres!).

If, after the first lesson, you're not completely satisfied with your tutor and the lesson, and prefer to walk away, we'll offer a 100% money-back guarantee. This has NEVER happened so far in 10 years (touch wood!) because of the I take in matching pupils with private primary tutors. Unlike many competitors, you don't need to pay for a minimum block of lessons, you simply pay as you go, and can stop with just a week's notice.





Chances to Earn

Let's be clear here, Ash Tutors is a local company to Wigan, Warrington and St Helens, serving local students - yet trying to compete with large National franchises, who have seemingly endless resources to pour into ads. I NEVER advertise. Instead, I prefer genuine 'word-of-mouth' referrals and indeed, many of my clients are past-clients coming to me again with younger siblings.

To that end, I frequently offer 1 week's agency fees in return for a Facebook share of my page, and a comment on our services. People will only do this if they feel the service deserves it - and again touch-wood, so far we've only ever had 5-Star reviews and positive feedback. In reality, though, this isn't a fluke - it's down to the hard work and dedication we all put in to ensure excellence from the outset.

If you’re looking for the very best primary school tutors in this area, then you’ll find the professionalism, dedication, and reliability that most parents are looking for, here at Ash Tutors.

In addition to the Student Success Scheme, our private primary home tutors also can nominate one of their primary kids for a certificate, delivered directly to them personally by post, for something the private primary tutor feels they've done particularly well over the last few sessions. It could be the effort they've put in, or perhaps they've struggled with something and finally cracked it. As a primary school teacher myself, I understand how vital motivation is for these younger primary aged children.


Certificates for
Individual Success




Many of the national tuition companies insist you pay for a block of lessons - and this is understandable as they don't want to waste everyone's time for just a couple of lessons. Primary home tutors at Ash Tutors, we do things differently. You will only ever pay after each lesson and can end lessons whenever you wish. Of course, for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children, it takes at least a term of lessons to make any measurable difference. But I recognise that family's situations change, so I never 'tie-in' a family, I give them the option to stop if they find themselves unable to continue for whatever reason.

Don't take the risk on some faceless and automated ‘tutor directory’.