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11 Ways Your Child Can Master Phonics This Term

If basic number concepts are the foundation of maths learning, then phonics are the building blocks of reading.
In the UK, children are screened in Year 1, so many parents will be told at the first Parents’ Meetings that their child is falling below age expectations in this area.
One of the BEST things any parent can do, is to make themselves into a phonics expert!
I’ve scoured the web, and put together the very best ideas, articles, explanations, activities and downloads to help you in your quest to help YOUR child to become a PHONICS NINJA!
I'll show you my 11 ways your child can master phonics this term...
(In no particular order.)

1. Free Printable Phonics Books


A glorious set of free, printable phonics books from teacher and mum, Anna. Apps and other tech are great - but nothing replaces physical books.




2. 26 Alphabet and Phonics Apps


A comprehensive review of phonics and spelling apps from teacher and mum, Melissa. The benefits of multi-media can’t be ignored.




3. 14 Phonics Rules For reading And Spelling


If you've ever pondered the mysteries of phonic blends and digraphs, this excellent explanation from language expert Ginny will make things clearer. It really isn't hard!




Get your free list of digital Spelling resources here!


4. Guided Reading Phonics Posters


Teacher and mum Reagan provides some detailed phonics instruction in video form, as well as links to her wall posters.




5. 13 Fun Phonics Activities and Games


Like it says in the image!




6. 60+ Free Phonics Cards


Excellent, free resources from expert reading teacher Becky. A ‘must-have’ in every household containing small-folk!




7. Practical Phonic Activities



A superb list of practical phonic activities from UK teaching superstar, Rachel.




8. One Fish two fish Real / Pseudo Word Game



A great phonics game for early years children via multi-talented Cerys!




9. Parents Guide To Phonics


What are phonics anyway? It’s about time someone told us. Isabelle explains all to us parents!




10. Year 1 Phonics Screening Pack


This is the site that professionals turn to for resources! Download your very own Year 1 Phonics Screening Check Pack.




11. Video Guide To Basic Phonics With Alphablocks


A very comprehensive video guide to basic phonics from the BBC, at their usual, exceptional standard!




If you've found these top phonics resources useful, then please share this post with your friends, pin it on Pinterest, or add your own super phonics resource in the Comments.


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