No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

Testimonials & Reviews for Ash Tutors

re Michelle - maths tutor (Tutor ref: 113)

Brilliant service and Michelle is lovely. Cannot recommend her high enough. Whatever the results, Nadia has felt more confident with her exams.
I'll let you know her results in August.

Jayne Moore June 2016

re Michelle - science tutor (Tutor ref: 113)

Thanks Geoff, Michelle has been brilliant and my daughter has gained a lot from working with her through the year, particularly in Chemistry where she now has much more confidence in how to express herself in her answers, and also through the add-on effect this has had on her performance in Physics and Biology as well.

Ann Stafford June 2016

re Michelle - maths tutor (Tutor ref: 113)

"Michelle is great and has a good rapport with my daughter. This is helping her learn better."

Ann Stafford Nov. 2015

re Michelle - maths tutor (Tutor ref: 113)

"Could you please pass on our thanks both to yourself and to Michelle. Penny found the lessons extremely helpful and really enjoyed being taught by Michelle. Michelle always kept in contact and there was flexibility on both sides when lessons had to be moved. We would certainly recommend yourselves to family and friends."

M. Draper July 2015

Re Mrs Michelle - science tutor (Tutor ref:113)

"I was pleased that the progress had been better than I had expected. I would say that private tuition can be effective, and to choose one by personal recommendation, and as such I would without hesitation recommend Ash Tutors."

Mr Myers, May 2014, St.Helens

Re Mrs Michelle - science tutor (Tutor ref:113)

"Thank you so much for the tutor's help and support. I've been recommending you to many friends whose kids will be sitting exams next year. I hope you continue with your business for many years to come. Thanks again!"


Liz Doyle, May 2014, Wigan

re Mrs Michelle | science tutor | (Tutor ref:113)

"The schedule and structure of the tuition has exceeded my expectations, in particular the tutor has set up an individual tuition and revision plan."

March. 2014

Mr L. Myers, St.Helens (Advanced Tuition Package)

Re Mrs Michelle  - maths & chemistry tuition | (Tutor ref:113)
"I am very happy with the service. I can already see improvement in (my child). (She is) definitely more confident doing (her) subject and is enjoying doing the work with (her)tutor. The tutor has given written and verbal feedback every time. I am extremely happy with the progress she is making so far."

Mrs Thomason (Warrington Aug. 2012)