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No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

Testimonials & Reviews for Ash Tutors

re Michelle - science tutor (Tutor ref: 113)

Thanks Geoff, Michelle has been brilliant and my daughter has gained a lot from working with her through the year, particularly in Chemistry where she now has much more confidence in how to express herself in her answers, and also through the add-on effect this has had on her performance in Physics and Biology as well.

Ann Stafford June 2016

re Jane - primary tutor (Tutor ref: 189) 

"We are very happy with Jane, for the first time in a long time we are seeing an improvement in Jack."

Jane Gaskell, March 2016, Wigan

re Ash Tutors

"Wanted to let you have some positive feedback. Remember our concerns re his literacy skills particularly his handwriting? Owen now in set 2 out of 8 at high school. Parents evening last night and several teachers commented on how good his English / writing was and several on his good handwriting and presentation of his work! He is right at top end of set 2 and some teachers wanting to move him up to set 1. What a success! Your input got mentioned by me last night and teachers couldn't believe there had ever been a concern!"

Dr Jan Lackey, Haydock, St.Helens. April 2016

re Ash Tutors

"We have 2 tutors for my daughter. She has struggled with Maths and Physics and the tutors are superb; both are highly professional and personable making learning less of a struggle, they have also eliminated the fear for her from achieving the academic level that she has been set to attain. I have no qualms in recommending Ash Tutors, they will match a suitable tutor for your child and work with them until they are comfortable with the subject that they may struggle with. A* to you and your tutors!"

K. Livingstone, Warrington, April 2016

re Lesley - primary tutor (Tutor ref: 116) 

"Hi Geoff, I just wanted to let you know that Lesley successfully helped our son to achieve entrance into Bolton School. She's been great with him and has given him that boost of confidence in his learning. We are incredibly grateful to you for finding her for us. She's been amazing! After Easter we are swapping over to our 9 yr old daughter. Hopefully she can gain some new skills too to help her to gain a place too. Thanks again for all your help."

Vicky Johnson, March 2016, Wigan

re Rebecca - Spanish tutor (Tutor ref: 193) 

"Hi Geoff, just a quick email to let you know that Emily is progressing extremely well with her private tutors. Her grades have significantly improved in both subjects and she is on target to achieve either A’s or B’s at GCSE, in the summer.
We’re thrilled."

Deb. March 2016, Wigan

re Maria - primary tutor (Tutor ref: 139) 

"Maria has had a good impact on our son, she has fulfilled the request we gave her to recap prior learning and make Jamie enjoy it to increase his confidence. She has a calm manner with him and he enjoys his weekly sessions. She has introduced him to areas of learning that as a family we would not have such as poetry.  She makes good judgements about his ability and mood. She has built up a sound relationship with him tapping into his interests."

Kate Sutton Feb. 2016

re Teresa (Tutor ref: 195)

"Before I contacted you our daughter was struggling with year 2 work. She was losing her confidence rapidly and homework was a battle of wills. Since Teresa started tutoring her in early January we have seen a huge improvement in our daughter's confidence and her attitude towards homework.  We wish we'd have found Teresa sooner! "

Jayne Dixon, Feb. 2016, St.Helens
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