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No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

Testimonials & Reviews for Ash Tutors

re Danielle - primary tutor (Tutor ref: 120)

"We are really pleased with Danielle. (My son) has made great progress in only a few weeks. His school teachers have noticed a massive improvement, I have been speaking to his school teacher regularly since his report showed he had slipped a little with his writing. He has also shown so much maturity with doing additional work and seems to appreciate the importance of getting him to the level he should be prior to starting Year 6. Thank you."

J. Lowe June 2015

re Woody (Tutor ref: 185)

"I'm just letting you that Izzy did very well in her science GCSE, her expectation for Chemistry was low and she was very anxious. She spent hours catching up and with the help of Woody she exceeded her low expectation and gained a B!  Not bad as she had to catch up on so much work.

K. Livingstone June 2017

re Paul (Tutor ref: 156)

"Paul has been wonderful but more importantly the confidence he has given (my son) is amazing - he has gone from a typical 15 yr old boy who was convinced that he would “fail” under the new curriculum to thinking actually “I will do ok” – you know it been worth it when they say I wish Paul was my maths teacher at school! Certainly incredibly high praise indeed ….


S. Christiansen June 2016

re Peter (tutor ref: 183)

"Peter has been a fantastic tutor and Joshua did superbly in his SATS. We are very pleased with Peter's tuition, Joshua's progressing really well in maths at school and has been working very hard." 

C. Keane June 2017

re Peter - maths tutor (tutor ref: 183)

"Thanks so much Peter. You have really helped Millie and the work she has undertaken this year will give her a good grounding. We do appreciate everything you have done for Millie and have told Geoff this. Thanks again for everything."


J Jackson June 2017

re Ash Tutors

"Thanks Geoff, as before with Michelle you are very efficient, which makes your service stand out from others."


A. Stafford June 2017

re Ash Tutors' DD error!

"Thanks for spotting it and sorting it so quickly. Honestly, don't worry about it though because we're all human and mistakes happen. We've used you twice now and have been delighted with the service and tutors you provided. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and (my daughter) has already passed your details to a few of her friends. Thanks again."


A. Drew May 2017

re Kathryn - maths tutor (Tutor ref: 215)

"Theo and his mum are very happy with Kathryn his tutor. Theo gets on well with Kathryn and Anna, his mum, is very satisfied with how things are going."

'Grandad' March 2017
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