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No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

Testimonials & Reviews for Ash Tutors

re Maisie - Secondary English tutor (Tutor ref: 246)

"Maisie is fabulous. She has and continues to inspire (my son) every week.  She has a passion and enthusiasm which is contagious, is wonderfully creative and really goes out of her way to engage him - Maisie even built on his passion for music to do a session around the lyrics of Wonder Wall!  We have seen a vast improvement in his English. We had parent’s evening last night and he has clearly made huge leaps."
Julie Horton June 2019

re Jack - English tutor (Tutor ref: 245)


"The lessons have been very helpful for (my daughter). I have been very impressed with Jack and he has given (my daughter)  a lot of help and guidance and built up her confidence."
(for A-Level English)
Tom Kelly June 2019

Re Mrs Natalie - maths tutor (ref:0111)

"You may recall providing a Maths tutor, Natalie, for my daughter earlier in the year. I just wanted to let you know she got a low 5 score in her original mock in Jan, but was 2 marks off an 8 in her GCSE result. We are delighted  - thank you so much to you both."

J Molyneaux Sept 2018

re Gail - maths tutor (Tutor ref: 209)

"We are very pleased with Hannah's result. Gail and (my daughter) worked consistently hard each week. Gail is an amazing maths tutor and I'm sure that the lessons enabled (my daughter) to secure her pass."


J Kent Aug 2018

re Jane - primary tutor (tutor ref: 189)

"She has done a fantastic job with his learning and brought him to the point that he his meeting all his targets at school."

S. Higham Sept 2018

re Kathryn - maths tutor (Tutor ref: 215)

"We’d like to thank you and Kathryn for your help. (My grandson) enjoyed working with Kathryn, it was a good choice."

M. Pizer Sept 2018

re Gail (Tutor ref: 209)

"Gail is an amazing maths tutor and I'm sure that the lessons enabled Hannah to secure her pass."

Janet Kent Sept 2018

re Ash Tutors

"He did really well, thanks. The tutoring definitely made a difference, so thanks for arranging it for me!"


R. Graham Sept 2018
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