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No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

Testimonials & Reviews for Ash Tutors

re Fiona - primary tutor (tutor ref: 175)

"Dylan likes his tutor - he's making good progress and enjoying what he's learning. I'm very glad I signed up with Fiona - she's lovely!  x"

Sam Friar May 2018

re Charlotte - English tutor (Tutor ref: 138)

"Charlotte is brilliant!"

W Dannan May 2018

re Laura - sociology & psychology tutor (tutor ref: 172)

"My daughter has been working with Laura for approx 4 weeks and is really enjoying it. From the very first Lesson, tuition was directly targeted at weaknesses and Laura's own expertise and knowledge was mapped directly. My daughter says that Laura is approachable and friendly and she is building up a good relationship. So far so good!"

K Davies May 2018

re Shaun - private music tutor (tutor ref: 236)

"William's sessions with Shaun have been excellent, he has really benefited and we are hopeful for much-improved exam results.
Once again thank you for your help and excellent service."

K. Haw (executive headteacher) May 2018

re Laura - primary tutor (tutor ref: 239)

"Thank you so much... Laura has been amazing with Alex ... really sad that it’s ended and wish we had found her sooner. She made Alex’s lessons really fun for him ... I’d recommend her to anyone.
Thank you again."

Julie Gernon May 2018

re Jane - primary tutor (tutor ref: 189)

"She has been totally amazing and we are so grateful for everything she has done."

J Gaskell May 2018

re Peter - maths tutor (tutor ref: 183)

"Joshua is doing well and benefited greatly from Peter's tuition."

C. Keane July 2017

re Maria - primary tutor (Tutor ref: 139) 

"Thank you for your assistance and Maria has been great value for Isabelle."


V. Ineson May 2017
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