No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee


'Maths Tuition Near Me'

Whether you live in Warrington, Wigan or in St.Helens, the chances are good that if you are searching for ‘maths tuition near me’ then I have an outstanding maths tutor near to where you live.

All my tutors are personally interviewed and checked, and display that professionalism that students need in order to achieve their goals and GCSE targets.


Maths Tuition Learning Goals

At the start of lessons ‘learning goals’ will be set in order to keep everyone’s eye on the outcome - not in a stressful and demanding way - but in order to encourage and motivate all parties to aim towards an end. No-one wants to be paying for lessons forevermore!


To offset this, we use a system we call our Student Success Scheme, which helps motivate students and rewards them for consistency and attitude to learning, something ALL students can achieve and actually something that will better serve them in their future careers than achieving an arbitrary grade in an exam.


Genuine, Qualified And Experienced Maths Tutors

All my tutors are fully qualified teachers and have taught (usually still do teach) in classrooms in school across the area, so they intimately know the curriculum and the exam, something that many so-called ‘tutors’ couldn’t hope to offer.


I get many ‘maths tutors’ attempting to register with Ash Tutors, only to discover they aren’t teachers at all. They may well do a great job, but I challenge anyone to know as much about the intricacies of exam technique as someone who’s actually delivered and marked an exam paper or taught a bunch of High School kids throughout the year. These tutors don’t make it to my site, but interestingly, they frequently make it onto automated tutor directories!


With professionalism in mind, at the beginning of your lessons, you’ll receive a list of tutor expectations that all my tutors need to stick to, ensuring that standards are maintained at the highest possible level.

Some further benefits of 'maths tuition near me' with Ash Tutors:

- Unique Student Success Scheme to motivate and celebrate consistency of effort.

- Tutor rewards, student rewards and even the chance for parental rewards! Everyone is involved in a child's education so we encourage participation and support from everyone! 

- No 'tie-in' contract - end lessons when goals are met or when you decide to stop.

- Tutors selected for you based on your child's needs, and your practical convenience - then you decide if you wish to proceed - or walk away.


You could take a chance on a tutor directory, or you could come to Ash Tutors, and see what our maths tutors can do for your child.