No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee


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If you're looking for a 'Primary School Maths Tutor' in Wigan then you’ve come to the right place! (We also serve clients in Warrington and in St Helens). At Ash Tutors, we've been providing primary school maths tutors for over 10 years.


Based in Wigan, and serving the local primary school students around Wigan, Warrington and St Helens, we've focussed on helping those children to reach their learning goals more quickly than they would with school teaching alone.

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In fact, we do many additional things to 'ensure' success as much as we possibly can, which includes:

1. Student Success Scheme for Primary School Students

This is a unique ‘home-made’ system that encourages the 'process' of learning rather constantly focusing on an abstract 'target' at the end of learning - which of course, is nonsense, as none of us ever stop learning. Our Primary children LOVE this reward system, as even those kids who have always struggled at school can achieve a tangible reward by hard work and effort.

Primary maths has changed drastically over the years, and very often parents simply learned a different curriculum and are therefore unable or reluctant to help their children with primary maths. Given the modern focus on 'understanding' rather than the previously taught 'single method by rote' system that many parents were taught by, it's no wonder parents turn to us to help clear the muddy waters.

2. Learning Goals

While we like to encourage involvement in the process of learning, we also recognise that a specified outcome is perhaps the only way to measure success along the way, so we do actually set a learning goal at the beginning of tuition so that parents, tutors, and children will know whether their efforts have been successful. Learning goals can differ widely, from SATS preparation to times-tables, to simply giving children their confidence back and joy in learning.

3. Careful tutor selection:

As I run Ash Tutors single-handedly, I'm more inclined to use my own knowledge and skills of 20+ years in a primary classroom to improve the service that we as Ash Tutors can offer. For instance, all our primary school maths tutors are personally vetted by myself, and I actually turn away more than I take on. Registration at Ash Tutors only comes after a process of careful selection and communication with the tutor in question. By doing this, and by continually monitoring the tutors' performance with parents, I can ensure that Ash Tutors has the very best primary school maths tutors in Wigan, which can only be good for our clients (and perhaps your child!).

I regularly turn away students, teaching assistants and those who are qualified but don't have the 'chalk-face' classroom experience. I only ever register those professional individuals with several years' teaching experience - in a classroom! You'd be surprised at who thinks they can tutor!

4. Pay as you go lessons:

Unlike some tutoring franchises, Ash Tutors doesn't insist on a minimum number of lessons, paid for in advance. You'll only ever pay for lessons after the event, which means that you're not 'tied-in' to any kind of contract you can't get out of. We recognise that lessons have to work for everyone involved and that if it's not working (a rare event indeed) then you need to be able to stop there and then.

5. Rewards on sharing

We NEVER advertise - there is no need to. Ash Tutors has such a great reputation that we get lots of repeat custom as children move through school, not to mention siblings and relatives who recognise a quality service. Don’t take my word for it - see our Facebook reviews, our Google reviews, and our Trustpilot reviews. This particular scheme encourages parents to share our Facebook page or make a Facebook recommendation which they then are rewarded for.

6. Save time wasted on tutor-search!

The internet is crammed full of tutor directories and websites that are nothing more than shop-windows of tutors all competing for the same work. At Ash Tutors, you get the whole package. You simply need to provide answers to our carefully constructed questionnaire (which you can find here), and we will find a tutor for you, who matches not only your child's educational needs, but also those vitally important practical requirements, something that is very difficult to do when you're randomly ringing round tutors. There is no obligation to accept a tutor we may offer you, so you've nothing to lose!

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