No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee


The Best Place to find a Home Tutor Near Me

 If you live in Wigan, Warrington or St Helens and you’re searching for ‘home tutor near me’ then you’re at the right place!

 Ash Tutors has been providing a unique home tutor service for over 10 years.


Based across these 3 towns, Ash Tutors uses local home tutors to teach local students in private, one to one lessons.


We really are unique! Just look at some of the many benefits you’ll get from Ash Tutors if you book your 'home tutor near me' with us:

1. Student Success Scheme

As we’re run by a local teacher (me - Geoff Ashton!) who has over 20 years in the education sector, both as a teacher and as a business owner, you’ll find that we approach things from a different perspective i.e. we don’t just think sales, we also think ‘results’ because I recognise that we’re only as good as the results that we get.

To that end, I developed the Student Success Scheme, which, in this age of targets, rewards the ‘process’ of learning instead of the end goal, which is something highly motivating for all learners - especially those younger children who can become quite disenfranchised by the continuous ‘long-distance’ target approach. Who else does this?

2. Carefully hand-picked Wigan tutors

All our home tutors are carefully selected by a practising teacher - so that we only offer experienced, qualified and dedicated home tutors. There are no teaching assistants, no students, no random people with maths degrees who think they can teach - all of these are the kinds of people who’ve applied and been turned away. Why did they apply? Because they’re already listed on tutoring directories or teaching for other tutoring organisations! That's exactly who you might get!

How can they have as many teaching skills as those individuals who’re faced with a class of children on a day to day basis? How can they have as much knowledge of the curriculum or of exams, or exam technique, or the knowledge that only comes with teaching towards and then marking those exams?

3. Learning goals

While I have a love/hate relationship with targets, I still do recognise their value, so at the start of every new client’s journey, we set learning goals so that we can have an accurate measure of success towards them. We promise NEVER to beat your child over the head with said targets!

4. Money-back guarantee, and no contract

As it says on the tin! Tuition has got to work for all parties involved - so we NEVER tie people in. You’ll only pay after lessons have taken place and you can end the agreement whenever you like. No minimum number of lessons here.

5. Multiple reviews to prove our quality

If you check out our Facebook reviews, our Trustpilot reviews and our Google reviews, you’ll be able to read for yourself of the quality of our tutors and our service. Why take a risk on a tutoring directory?

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