No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

Testimonials & Reviews for Ash Tutors

Re Mrs Michelle - science tutor (Tutor ref:113)

"Thank you so much for the tutor's help and support. I've been recommending you to many friends whose kids will be sitting exams next year. I hope you continue with your business for many years to come. Thanks again!"


Liz Doyle, May 2014, Wigan

Re Mr Jeff - maths tutor (ref:137)

"Things are going great with Jeff. Max is showing great improvement even after 4 lessons. Definitely the best decision made. Warm regards."


Vicky Morgan, May 2014, Wigan

Re Mrs Sharon (Tutor ref: 114)

"Sharon has been a brilliant tutor and Megan is doing really well and is more confident with her work. Thank you for recommending Sharon."


Joanne Donner St.Helens, May 2014

Re Ms Maria - primary tutor (Tutor ref:139)
"Just before Christmas we made a decision for our son to receive extra tuition, mainly to give him more confidence and feel more comfortable ....during class. Our son’s Tutor as been absolutely fantastic and he now feels extremely confident answering questions for his Teacher and this has been further proven by his test results whereby he has moved up points .... I strongly believe that the tutors ... are excellent and provide a structured lesson plan ... would definitely recommend ... Ash Tutors for their child."

Gail Murgatroyd (Culcheth, Warrington) May 2014

Re Ash Tutors
"A highly efficient and professional service and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend."

Victoria Morgan (Wrightington, 2014)

Re Mrs Shelley (ref:0122)
"We are very happy with Shelley being our tutor. She is professional and always comes with lots of new ideas tailored to suit (my son); but is also warm and they have a great rapport. It is lovely to see (my son) enjoy writing again and he is becoming less anxious approaching writing tasks at school. Hearing them laughing together whilst they are working is a joy! We thought long and hard about getting a tutor, concerned (my son) would feel more pressure, but now we wish we had done it long ago."

Kelly Keane (Warrington 2014))

re Mr Dan (ref:144)

"Hi Geoff,
 Just a quick email to say we are more than happy with Daniel, he has been so attentive and genuinely interested in (my child's) progress. He's built a really nice relationship with (my child) and she is making great progress, we really couldnt have asked for a better tutor! Thanks so much"

March. 2014

Mrs C. Lewis, St.Helens (Basic Tuition Package)

re Mrs Michelle | science tutor | (Tutor ref:113)

"The schedule and structure of the tuition has exceeded my expectations, in particular the tutor has set up an individual tuition and revision plan."

March. 2014

Mr L. Myers, St.Helens (Advanced Tuition Package)
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