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Give us a call on:
01942 508992

Or simply Request A Tutor Now!

No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

Testimonials & Reviews for Ash Tutors

re Mr Dan (ref:144)

"Hi Geoff,
 Just a quick email to say we are more than happy with Daniel, he has been so attentive and genuinely interested in (my child's) progress. He's built a really nice relationship with (my child) and she is making great progress, we really couldnt have asked for a better tutor! Thanks so much"

March. 2014

Mrs C. Lewis, St.Helens (Basic Tuition Package)

re Mrs Michelle | science tutor | (Tutor ref:113)

"The schedule and structure of the tuition has exceeded my expectations, in particular the tutor has set up an individual tuition and revision plan."

March. 2014

Mr L. Myers, St.Helens (Advanced Tuition Package)

re Mrs Kris (ref:145)

"He is understanding more what he is being asked for at school and what is now required for his exams. His results are also improving already!"

March. 2014

Liz Doyle, Wigan

re Miss Danielle - primary tutor (ref:120)

"Grace really liked Danielle. She was wonderful with Grace, so have booked her again for next week. Thanks again!"

March. 2014

Louise Alexander, Wigan

re Miss Charlotte  - English tutor (ref:138)

"Miss Charlotte is great - Dylan really looks forward to her coming on a Wednesday and always ends the session with a huge smile having surprised himself at what he has managed to do. His teachers at school have commented on his growing confidence already - thank you."

Feb. 2014

Helen Buckley, Warrington

re Mrs Del - primary tutor (Tutor ref:110)

"...We originally decided to get a tutor for our son (as) he was struggling and knowing he would be in high school in 3 years was worrying... we thought our daughter would benefit too. In (a short time) both children's confidence ... has increased ... Our daughter is coming on nicely but I'm overwhelmed with the improvement with our son who... is not only meeting his targets but passing them to a higher level. ... we are hoping to continue with this throughout their education." February 2014

Nicola Croston, St.Helens

re Mrs Laura - primary tutor (ref:141)

"We would both like to thank you for finding Laura as the improvement in Ava's confidence and ability has been vast and very noticeable."
 February 2014

Mike & Sarah Alexander, Rainford

'(My son) loves going to see Geoff. We have seen his confidence improve significantly in a short period of time.'

Nov. 2013


Barry D. Wigan
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