No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee


Private Tutor for Primary School Wigan

If you’re a parent looking for a private tutor for primary school Wigan then you’ve come to the right place!


Ash Tutors has been serving Wigan parents and students for over 10 years. Based in Wigan, we offer the kind of local service that is available nowhere else. I say that with absolute confidence!


Some benefits of using an Ash Tutors primary tutor for your Private Tutor for Primary School in Wigan:


1. Access to our unique primary tutor Student Success Scheme

Primary children, in particular, are vulnerable to the current educational climate of ‘targets, targets, targets’. Whilst we recognise the value of working towards a specific goal, the REAL goal should be the PROCESS of learning, something that will set children up for their entire lives, rather than just reaching a goal and then stopping.

Our SSS aims to alleviate that with real, tangible rewards for children who stay the course; who put real effort into the process of learning and create a real learning habit. This flies in the face of the current way of thinking, but we believe it rewards a far greater achievement

2. Defined Primary Learning Goals

Of course, having said all that, we also recognise that is certainly some value in setting a goal to aim for. This is really the only way that tutors, students and parents can measure the success of the tuition. We set these at the start of tuition, and measure success against it, but not in a ‘beat-you-with-a-stick’ kind of way!

3. All students are taught by real, experienced primary teachers

We don’t take on teaching assistants, lab technicians, random people with maths degrees, or anyone else who hasn’t actually stood in front of a class of children, in a primary school, and delivered a lesson - actually for a few years at least. All those examples are REAL examples of so-called ‘tutors’ who’ve applied to tutor with Ash Tutors. Why? Because they’re already tutoring for other companies!

I personally hand-select all my tutors and stand behind each and every one of them as being more than capable of doing an excellent job.

4. No ‘tie-in’ contract

We recognise that for tuition to work well, it has to be right for everyone involved. And again, unlike some franchises out there, we don’t insist on a minimum number of lessons. You can end tuition whenever you see fit, and you will only ever pay for lessons taken after it’s taken place. Of course, if things are going well then it’s reasonable to expect that for real, measurable progress to take place you should give your tutor at least a term to make a difference - but that’s up to you entirely. Many parents and students stay with us for several years as the children work through primary school.

5. Real reviews from real parents of primary kids

For several years we collected testimonials from parents by emailing and asking them. These were then displayed on the site - something we still do. However, understandably, parents have become somewhat skeptical of this kind of review and prefer to rely on independent reviews, where the company can have zero influence. Well, we have LOTS of those! See our Google reviews, see our Facebook reviews, and see our Trustpilot reviews. I hope that manages to back up all my claims so far!


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