No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee

No Tie-in Contracts   |   Only Qualified Teachers   |   Money Back Guarantee


Are you searching for 'Private Tutor for Primary School'?

Private tutor for primary school

Ash Tutors - based on the convergence of Wigan, Warrington, and St Helens, is ideally placed to help your primary school child improve their confidence and attainment at school (in primary maths and primary English) with our outstanding hand-selected primary school private tutors.

As a qualified primary school teacher of 20 plus years myself, (owner - Geoff Ashton) and also an experienced private tutor for primary school kids, tutoring 20 primary aged children per week in the past (privately - many more in schools!), I think I know what it takes to make an excellent tutor.

Of course, you could go down the 'directory' route and choose a random tutor from there, or you could reduce the risk, and take advantage of some of the many benefits of coming to Ash Tutors for our selection of outstanding primary school tutors.

Here are just some of the benefits of sourcing your primary maths or primary English tutor with me:



You won't find any teaching assistants tutoring through my site, nor will you find unqualified students, or those who've never set foot in a primary school classroom and taught 30-odd restless kids on a Friday afternoon!

I insist on a certain level of professionalism and several years experience (of actually teaching in a primary school!) in order to give Ash Tutors' clients the very best chance of maximising those private lessons, with real, measurable outcomes, rather than a woolly 'let's-see-what-happens' approach. You can view the profile of every tutor to read about their experience and qualifications for yourself!

On a regular basis, I get 'tutors' applying to work with Ash Tutors, many of whom are neither qualified teachers nor experienced at teaching in a primary school. Why do they apply? Because they're already tutoring with some of the other so-called 'tutoring companies'!

This will never happen here. I personally select my tutors and ensure they're properly qualified and know what they're doing, meaning that I can confidently stand behind any of them for their dedication and hard work in helping your child to succeed in maths or English (or both!) throughout their primary school years.

You could try spending hours trawling the web looking for some random 'tutors', and you could believe all their claims, especially when you find them on a faceless 'directory' where you won't find the name of an actual person behind it all. Whereas I'm front and centre, and I'm fully open to scrutiny, and therefore I feel justified in asking you to put your trust in my processes and the private tutors for primary school kids that have their profiles on my site.

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Read our

But don't just take my word for it - you can read what our parents say about our teachers and our service in our 5-star Facebook reviews, our 5-star Google reviews and our 5-star Trustpilot reviews. Or you can read the dozens of testimonials I've collected over the last 10 years on my website. Claims of outstanding service are easy to make, but real independent reviews from real parents on trusted, independent sites are impossible to fabricate. Go on, take a look. 

During your search for 'private tutor for primary school', I very much doubt you'll have come across anything like this! Our unique Student Success Scheme (SSS for short) gives tangible rewards to primary kids for those qualities that 'target-setting' doesn't reward - consistency, dedication, diligence - these are the processes that will serve your child throughout their lives, not just when they reach an arbitrary target. Which other tuition service does this?

In addition to this, our tutors can also recommend one of their students for a certificate, posted directly to the student, for doing something particularly noteworthy during their hourly lessons. In this age of electronic communication, you'd be surprised at how motivating a letter through the postbox can actually be!


Student Success
Scheme for
Primary School



Learning Goals

Having put point number 3 (see above) into place, we also recognise that targets do serve a purpose, in that they offer a standard to aim for and something to measure progress against. We, therefore, set some learning goals at the beginning of tuition and work towards these. However, we don't use them in a way that will stress your child (or you!). It's all about balance, especially in these primary years of learning.

Many parents look for a private tutor for primary school because they're aiming for a specific goal, grade or target - but once they begin, they very quickly see the longer term benefits in all aspects of their child's learning. 

If, after a couple of hours of tuition, you don't feel you wish to continue you can simply end lessons and get your money returned (Tc & Cs apply), so confident am I that you'll be happy to continue. One of the most commonly offered pieces of feedback from parents after beginning tuition is, "We wish we'd have done it sooner!" They'd only say this if the student shows real, genuine progress.

Of course, any kind of real learning does indeed take genuine commitment and real consistency. There are rarely any quick fixes. It's reasonable to expect at least a couple of months to make any measurable progress. But we find that the vast majority of parents recognise this, and give their tutor a chance to make a difference.





Private Tutors
for Primary School

Just as you'd be more confident hiring a maths teacher for tutoring secondary maths, you should be more confident using a primary school teacher (me!) to supply a primary English tutor or a primary maths tutor who fits the role perfectly. You'll have certain preferences for practicality, for the personality of your primary school child, and of course, for the academic requirements of your child. As I've taught primary school children for over 20 years and tutored privately for 10 years (up to 15 hours per week at one point!), I know exactly how to get the right kind of information from those who know the child best - i.e. their parents! I then use my knowledge and experience to make the very best match - and you can then make the decision whether or not to go ahead - with no obligation to accept.

You've nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Let me take the strain in your tutor-search, and you'll see find out why so many local parents put their trust in Ash Tutors.